Lyon County Commissioner Comments on Boehner

Speaker Boehner and the House Leadership can demonstrate their commitment to creating jobs by passing Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act (part of HR 433). I appreciate the Speaker’s comments, but unfortunately the lack of action by Congress and the political agenda of Congressman “Doc” Hastings has wreaked havoc in our county.

Businesses are closing and the workforce is leaving. When I took office in January of 2011, unemployment was 19.8 %. Since then we have continued to see our workforce leaving and chronic unemployment in double digits.

Our Nevada Congressional Delegation has done its job. Our Lyon County bill is ready for floor action. How can Congress continue to stall on 1,000 mining jobs, 1,500 indirect jobs and the potential for another 500-1,000 jobs in other parts of the country?

I challenge you Speaker Boehner to get our bill in May. Stay tuned, I have a lot more to say…..”

Virgil Arellano,
Lyon County Commissioner

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Boehner Gives GOP Weekly Address: Americans Are Still Asking Where Are The Jobs?

How Can Congress Continue to Stall?

Boehner Video

Saturday, John Boehner tweeted:

 “Let’s build an America where we the ppl – not the government – shape our destiny.”

Boehner Gives GOP Weekly Address: Americans Are Still Asking Where Are The Jobs?

GOP: In the Weekly Republican Address, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) speaks to the American people from the Hartzell Propeller plant in Piqua, Ohio about solutions that will help create jobs and grow our economy. He highlights some of the dozens of jobs bills the House has passed that are stalled in the Democratic-run Senate, and the headway Republicans have made on behalf of hardworking taxpayers despite being the minority party in Washington.


“Yerington land-transfer remains locked away in a dungeon somewhere in the bowels of Congress”

In rural Nevada, the recently-passed Assembly Speaker Emeritus Joe Dini will be remembered as “Good King Joe.” . . . Dini’s son, George, is the mayor of Yerington. He has beseeched the House of Reid and Congress for a BLM land transfer to help his town climb out of the recession. So far, however, the Yerington land-transfer remains locked away in a dungeon somewhere in the bowels Congress. Ray Hagar, Reno Gazette Journal, April 23, 2014.

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It’s time!!!


Reno Gazette Journal Editorial, December 27, 2012

Lyon land bill deserves fast passage by Congress

Dec 27

ISSUE: Yerington land bill

OUR VIEW: With an agreement between U.S. Sens. Reid and Heller, Congress should move quickly to approve the transfer of land that will help the economically troubled area with much-needed jobs.

 Oops, Congress obviously doesn’t understand “quickly” – that was December 27, 2012!!!!! 16 months (477 days!!) ago

 Nevada, are you angry yet?  Isn’t it time to tell Congress to stop playing politics and do something for people!


Please read whole article here:

Lyon land bill deserves fast passage by Congress | Reno Gazette-Journal |…



Unhappy Anniversary!!!

A message from Mayor of Yerington George Dini.

One year ago today, April 18, 2013, I travelled to Washington D.C. to attend a hearing of the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation to testify in favor of the Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act.  My testimony is provided below.  I have also provide the written testimony of Lyon County Manager Jeff Page, who travelled with me.

While Congress dithers, people in Yerington and Lyon County continue to suffer.  I expressed to the Subcommittee, on behalf of the citizens of Yerington how critical this legislation was.  Now, one year later representatives in Congress are still locked in petty political battles THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH US!!!

The only way Congress will act, is if we, the people of Yerington, Lyon County and Nevada tweet, like, share to leadership in Congress to act to pass this bill and create jobs for all of Nevada and many, many other places in the U.S.  We need thousands to join our campaign.  Please help us create jobs for Nevada and the U.S.

Read Mayor Dini’s Written Testimony here.

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Testimony of George Dini, Mayor, City of Yerington, Nevada – 1 Year Ago Today

In Support of H.R. 696, Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act Presented to the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation April 18, 2013

Chairman Bishop, Members of the Subcommittee, I appreciate the opportunity to testify in favor of H.R. 696, the Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act introduced by Congressman Horsford and supported by Congressman Amodei, Congresswoman Titus and Congressman Heck.

I am proud to serve as the Mayor of Yerington, Nevada. I am joined today by Lyon County Manager Jeff Page on behalf of the Lyon County Commission, to jointly express the support of the 3,156 citizens of Yerington and 52,000 citizens of Lyon County and to urge the Committee to pass this bill. This land sale represents the economic future of our City and County.

I also express the support of Nevada Governor Sandoval, and a multitude of local and regional support.

The City of Yerington is located in Northern Nevada in the Mason Valley and we have a long proud history of mining and agriculture. However, our current economy is in bad shape. Our unemployment in Lyon County has averaged over 15% during the past year and our citizens are suffering greatly. Over the past 10 years, we have been fortunate to receive over $20 million in Federal funding that has been critical to maintaining our public infrastructure; however, this is not how our citizens want to survive as a community. We seek jobs and the ability to work hard to raise our families in a growing and vibrant community. We need long-term stable jobs for our citizens and an industry that will provide sustainable economic growth for decades.

H.R. 696 mandates the fair market sale of approximately 10,400 acres of federal lands – just 1% of 975,000 acres of federal lands in Lyon County – to the City of Yerington for economic development, a recreation events center and open space purposes.

The lands that will be conveyed have no current important uses.  There is no threatened or endangered species habitat, no water resources, and no significant cultural resources.  This is barren land that has few redeeming natural qualities.

The purchase of these lands will allow the City of Yerington to annex the Pumpkin Hollow Mine site, sell water and sewer services to the mine operation, benefit from taxes paid by the mine, allows the City to grow economically and benefit from greatly needed recreation, cultural and economic development lands.

The legislation also designates land for the Wovoka Wilderness, which is located in the South Pine Grove Hills. The land was identified as part of a local consultation process. In addition to wilderness, the legislation protects the County against a potential listing of the sage grouse on the Endangered Species List, protects existing grazing interests, maintains public access on existing roads, and provides continued access to recreation and hunting. On December 3, 2012, the Lyon Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution supporting the designation as outlined in H.R. 696. I also support this designation.

For over four years, the City of Yerington has been working with Nevada Copper to craft a development plan for the Pumpkin Hollow Mine that will ensure the City of Yerington will economically benefit from the development of the mine creating a sustainable future for our City. The Pumpkin Hollow Copper mine that sits on private lands near the City of Yerington. With or without this legislation, Nevada Copper will develop and produce millions of tons of valuable minerals. The question really is whether the Yerington will benefit from this new mining project.

Nevada Copper proposes to start full project development ‐ an investment of approximately $1 billion ‐ starting in 2013. In March, the company secured $200 million to initiate the development of the underground mine and mineral processing facilities at Pumpkin Hollow.  The company would like to invest another $800 million to build out the much larger integrated open pit and underground mining operation.  However, that level of financing will only happen subject to passage of H.R. 696.

The integrated mine operation facilitated by this legislation will create over 800 direct mine operations jobs and up to 500 construction jobs. Using the current published jobs multipliers a total of over 2,000-3,000 direct and indirect jobs would be created by the mine.

The timely passage of this legislation cannot be over-stated. We are operating on a tight timeline. With the financing they have received, Nevada Copper is initiating detailed siting, engineering and design of project infrastructure. This legislation will allow Yerington to work with the Nevada Copper to locate infrastructure for water, sewer, and power for both mine development and the other uses contemplated by the City.  Both the City and Lyon County will be able to share in property, sales, utility and net proceeds of mines taxes from mine operations.  If this legislation is not successful, the mine will proceed, but as in the past, Yerington will simply have to deal with the impacts with no real benefits to the City other than some jobs for citizens.

As importantly, with this contiguous block of land, the City and Nevada Copper can begin to plan for the future, long after mining is complete. The development agreement between the City and Nevada Copper will ensure that the Company leaves behind resources and assets that will provide sustainable economic growth for the City.  H.R. 696 solidifies the critical partnership that will provide economic enhancement for decades—and at no cost to the American taxpayer.

Some of the lands will also be utilized for economic development as commercial and light industrial needs increase to support the operations of the mine.  Also, the City is proposing a portion of the lands be utilized for renewable energy development such as solar energy.  Lastly, some of the lands will be utilized by Nevada Copper to maximize the mining operations on their patented lands.

As you can see, the sale of these lands to the City of Yerington will have a dramatic, positive impact by increasing jobs, the investment in Nevada, and increased tax revenues for the City, Lyon County and the State of Nevada.  It will also generate jobs and economic activity in over 20 states nationwide for equipment, materials and supplies.

Mr. Chairman, we are not here with our hand out asking Congress to give the City some public lands in the hope of attracting economic development.  We are asking to pay fair market value to acquire a very small percentage of federal lands that have little or no use to the public in order to enhance and increase development that is already occurring at the Pumpkin Hollow site.  I cannot express enough the importance of this project to the future of our City and I urge the Committee to support H.R. 696.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have or provide further information.

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The Approval Rate of Today’s Congress is Just above Fidel Castro’s.

Why is Congress so unpopular?

Because they won’t pass bills that create jobs and do something good for the economy!

The 112th and 113th Congress — were and are very unproductive. In fact, they are setting records for lowest productivity in terms of passing Bills.

We are half way through the session and need help getting Congress to pass HR-433. 

Congress doesn’t typically work in last-minute sprints; most bills are passed in the first half of a congressional session.

We need to inspire atypical behavior.  How are we going to get it?

From you.

Lyon County bill is a GOOD BILL and will expedite $1 BILLION in investment and construction, and 900-1,100 direct high-paying jobs and another 1,500 indirect jobs.

Republican Congressman Mark Amodei wants it passed!

Democratic Congressman Steven Horsford wants it passed!

Congress, ‘git’ er’ done’.  PASS THE BILL!  CREATE JOBS!

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Our Window for April is Closing In. Help Create Some Noise!!

Congress, specifically the U.S. House of Representatives, has three days at the end of the month to pass HR-433…

April 28 – 30, 2014 will be the only opportunity left in April to conduct “Floor” business in Washington D.C.

Help us make some noise to encourage the U.S. House of Representative to pass this bill!

house calendar

The Nevada Congressional delegation – Senator Reid, Senator Heller, Congressman Amodei and Congressman Horsford – are all pressing for action on the Northern Nevada Economic Development and Conservation Act.  This bill affects the communities of Elko, Carlin, Winnemucca, Fernley, Yerington and Storey County.  They create a platform for economic development and locally supported conservation within those respective counties as well. Lyon County would see the greatest economic impact with job creation exceeding 2,000 jobs.

We would like it passed in April so all of the Nevada governments and stakeholders can begin the process of implementing these bills.

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H.R. 433 – Explained…

What is H.R. 433, No. NV Econ. Dev. & Cons. bill?

H.R. 433, the Northern Nevada Economic Development and Conservation Act would address important issues in seven Northern Nevada communities.  Each of the seven “titles” in the bill would:

I.            Designate of the 26,000 acre Pine Forest Wilderness and release 900 acres of wilderness study area adjacent to Pine Forest in Humboldt County.  This bill was developed by locals and is broadly supported by conservationists and ranchers.  It has received support from Humboldt County;

II.            Transfer 10,400 acres of BLM-administered federal land in Lyon County to the City of Yerington (for development of Pumpkin Hollow and other economic development) and designate of ~48,000 acres of U.S. Forest service-administered land as the Wovoka Wilderness (100% of these lands are now designated Forest Service “roadless area”; therefore, wilderness effects no major change to the management or use of these lands);

III.            Transfer of 1,329 acres of federal land to the City of Carlin for community development;

IV.            Designation of BLM-administered federal land to be transferred to the City of Fernley upon request of the City for community and economic development;

V.            Transfer 1,745 acres of federal land in Storey County to Storey County to resolve longstanding land issues there;

VI.            Transfer 275 acres of federal land in Elko and 373 acres of BLM-administered federal land to the Te-moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians of Nevada for community and economic development;

VII.            Transfer 400 acres of BLM-administered federal land to the Navy in Fallon to support navy base operations.

All of these actions are intended to help northern Nevada communities by providing lands for community and economic development.  All of those lands to be transferred are not critical to support natural resource values.  The bill would designate reasonable amounts of wilderness, developed by local people and broadly supported by local people, to accomplish common sense solutions to longstanding debates and controversy surrounding these areas.  In combination, the actions provide balanced approach to land conservation and economic objectives.  They are all supported by the Nevada Congressional delegation and Congress has a tradition of respecting the wishes of state delegations for Congressional actions that are broadly supported.

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Board supports quick passage of county bill

Lyon County Logo

As requested by Lyon County Commissioner Virgil Arellano, the Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution “regarding Congressional action dealing with the Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act S. 159 and H.R. 696” and seeking expeditious passage of the bill.

It concludes by saying the county supports the state’s Congressional delegation “to expedite passage of this bill … without any further delay for the immediate sustainability and future of Yerington, Lyon County and our communities. The board further implores leadership in the Senate and House of Representatives and other congressmen “to acknowledge critical needs and desires of Yerington and Lyon County, and without any further delay, pass” the federal legislation.

The resolution states the Lyon County Commission approved a resolution in support of the legislation that seeks approval for the purchase at fair market value of more than 10,000 acres from the BLM more than two years ago by the city of Yerington, with Nevada Copper funding the acquisition and receiving some of the property.

Meanwhile, it continues, unemployment in Lyon County remains the highest in the state and unemployment has averaged 15 percent the past three years, the real number of people employed in the county has declined by 1,500 people over the past two years, and resulting loss of tax revenue to the county and its cities, with Lyon County terminating 120 employees since 2008.

It goes on to cite the resulting struggles for small business owners in Lyon County, a rise in violent crime and theft and loss of revenues affecting funding for law enforcement, and notes the bill’s immediate passage would “create substantial economic activity within the City of Yerington and Lyon County.”

The resolution also says “an overwhelming majority of Lyon County residents support the passage of the Yerington/Lyon County bill,” the Nevada Congressional delegation supports it, the 2013 Nevada Legislature supported it, as does Gov. Brian Sandoval.

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