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The April Unemployment Rates are out and though there is a decline in unemployment in Nevada, we are asking you to dig deeper into the numbers and take a couple of minutes to read our findings and response….

The latest pronouncement on the decline of unemployment in Nevada is welcome news. Even Lyon County showed a significant drop to 10.4%. But hold on just a minute. Is that news really as good as you might think? Not really!! Not for Lyon County. See why.

Lyon County Labor Force Employment and Unemployment Rates

As you can see in the graph, the unemployment rate dropped to 10.4% in April 2014. If that is true, it is at least partly attributable to a loss of another 228 (21,652 – 21,424) people in the labor force. Even if there were no new jobs added, the unemployment would have dropped from 12.6% in March to 11.7% in April because of the smaller labor force.

Calculating the employed in April minus employed in March (19,193 – 18,923) says there are also 270 more jobs! OK, but not great. And what kind of jobs were those? Were they high paying like the mining industry that pays double the state average?

If Lyon County still had 23,000 people in the labor force, as it did just three years ago, unemployment would still be 17.8% (23,000 people in the labor force minus 19,193 employed = 3,807 unemployed; divide by 23,000 = 17.8%).

Wow, we’ve gone down from a high of over 19% in January 2011, about when the Congressional bill was being formulated to provide emergency economic relief to Lyon County, to 10.4%, mostly because there are less people in the labor force and about the same number of people employed. Let’s face it, that is ZERO job growth.

That’s some response to an emergency!

Furthermore, that’s 228 more people in the last month and 1,500 in the last three years – potential breadwinners – not buying bread and groceries, gasoline, automobiles and services from local businesses. And probably adding to the burden of government-funded support for those families in unemployment payments, food stamps and welfare.

The rest of the story proves that Lyon County is still on a downward trend as far as jobs and number of people employed.

And, when you examine the statewide numbers, Lyon County still has the highest unemployment rate in Nevada. Compared to other rural Nevada counties that have mines (green), Lyon County (red) is double their unemployment.

April 2014 Unemployment - Nevada Counties

IF Congress passes our bill:

  • We can add 500+ high-paying construction jobs.
  • We can add 1,000 permanent high-paying mining jobs and additional 1,500 indirect jobs.
  • We can be like Elko, Lander, Humboldt and White Pine Counties with an average of 5.2% unemployment.



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