Little Things that Matter

Pass Bills. Create Jobs. HR - 433, Congress, Nevada

When we talk about Congress passing our bill, HR-433, it is big to us.  In 2012, the census report showed that just over 3,000 people live in Yerington, Nevada.

The bill we are urging Congress to pass would jumpstart a billion dollar copper mine just outside of Yerington, NV.  The mine would create millions in tax revenue and over 1,000 high paying, local jobs.

It’s hard to know what the unemployment rate of Lyon County really is, but it is easy to see that 1,000 extra high-paying jobs (an average $86,000 per year) would do great things for our community and our state.


For more on the Lyon County Unemployment Rate, click here.

To help support passage of the Lyon County Economic Development Act, House bill (H.R. 433 or H.R. 696) and Senate bill 15, “Like” our Facebook page and Share this post with your family and friends.


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