What Costs Nothing, but is Worth a Billion? Our Bill!

Worth 1 Billion Cost Nothing

The Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act will transfer 10,000 acres of BLM-administered federal land to the City of Yerington.

What Is It Worth? $1 Billion!

What Does it Cost? Not One Dime!!


And, will jump-start the development of the Pumpkin Hollow Copper Mine that has an initial capital investment of $1 billion.

That’s not even the bottom line.  The new Copper Mine will help generate the following:

• $34 million in direct sales and use taxes
• $45 million annual local, direct payroll
• $10-12 million annually in net property and net proceeds of mines taxes
• $20-30 million annual federal taxes

What other federal legislation can claim that kind of economic benefit without costing the taxpayers?

We hope that this bipartisan, locally-supported bill, A ONE BILLION DOLLAR economic bill, will pass soon.

To help support passage of the Lyon County Economic Development Act, House bill (H.R. 433 or H.R. 696) and Senate bill 159, “Like” our Facebook page and Share this post with your family and friends.

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This legislation is the right thing to do.  Help us and our Nevada Congressional delegation get it passed.


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