Mission of Social Media Campaign

To advocate forcefully for passage of the Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act, whether on its own or in combination with other Congressional actions, as soon possible.

Goals of Social Media Campaign

  1. To inform the residents of Nevada communities, especially Lyon County, and other stakeholders in the U.S. (vendors, former residents, aspiring workers and residents, shareholders) about the Lyon County land bill, the benefits of the bill and other information related to it;
  2. To generate overwhelming public support for the Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act;
  3. To recruit and persuade people to engage by directly “supporting” “liking” or “tweeting” their support for passage of the bill on the respective Website, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts;
  4. By doing the above, gain support for the Nevada Congressional delegation  to create compelling reasons for passage for the rest of Congress – the only answer is “Yes.”

Showing your support is fast, easy and beneficial to your future.

How can you help?

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. Visit our Websites regularly. Tweet, “Like” on Facebook, and Share.

Website       http://passbillscreatejobs.com

Facebook     https://www.facebook.com/passbillscreatejobs

Twitter         https://twitter.com/PassBills_4Jobs

Join Governor Sandoval, our State Legislature and the entire Congressional Delegation and support this bill.


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