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We are amongst 6,366 bills, 57 passed and 6,309 still awaiting action.  We will need to push to get to the top of the heap!

Take Action Now!  It’s easy:

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4 thoughts on “Take Action

    • Lyon County is in dire need of jobs and HR-433 should be at the top of the list to be passed in this year of 2014! The Economic boost that Nevada Copper Mine would give this County and a good deal of the other businesses it will be supporting, should have a very top Priority before this year ends. Come on Congressmen, look at the needs and perform your duties!


  1. Dear Congressional Representatives,
    The state of Nevada and Lyon County have the highest unemployment rates in the nation. HR-433 will be a huge help in lowing unemployment in northern Nevada. Please push this bill through ASAP.
    Jim Kinninger
    Smith Valley, Nevada


  2. If you really want to create jobs, let’s get solar going in Nevada! We have more sun in this state than most.
    Nevada Energy is so expensive and raise rates every year, in fact most people cannot afford it. I had a bill for $1700 a few years ago in a house I rented. I couldn’t pay so my power was turned off and I lived there for a month with no power on in 105′ heat!


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